About us

We deliver industry-leading records management and digital transformation services that are available to businesses and organisations of all sizes.

The records management industry has historically been characterised by inertia, vested interests and those seeking to tie in customers. We are a document management company disrupting that situation.

We bring a start-up mentality to data management. We ask questions, analyse, review, reinvent or repurpose the status quo.

We believe that innovative and modern data management services should be accessible to all businesses and organisations, regardless of size or industry. We offer digital transformation benefits to multi-national PLCs, national organsations and local independent operators.

Our services are delivered by our expert team, with a combination of software partners and proprietary technology giving access to a global knowledge-base.

The new world of work will embrace remote employees, local supply chains and global customer-bases. We help our customers unlock and leverage the power of their data to achieve cost savings and increase profitability.

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Our Values

Our principles are the core of Chaffinch Document. They help drive every decision we make and every interaction we have with our clients.


The pursuit of continual progress and improvement. Never stand still.

Deliver value.

Always exceed expectations. Never be cheap.

Innovate simply.

Solve problems and do things better. Never become side-tracked by irrelevance.

Build the story.

Challenge convention. Never allow others to set the tone.

Love our customer.

Provide solutions and understand how to communicate with them. Don’t take them for granted.

Empowered workforce.

Our people are our heart. Create the pathway to progress and don’t allow negativity to take hold.

Our Accreditations

Chaffinch Document is accredited to the highest standards as a secure shredding and document storage provider in the UK. Our services provide our clients with cost-effective compliance and the peace of mind that they are working with a trusted, expert and responsible partner.

Work for Chaffinch

The people who work for us share our relentless focus on customer service and new ways of doing things.