Smart data management for the legal sector



Support flexible and remote working without compromising security and access to data.

Cloud Access

Access documents from anywhere, at anytime from our secure cloud solutions.


Full audit trail of file movements and GPS-tracked collections and deliveries.


We operate to the highest of industry standards and accreditations.

Our Difference

In a rapidly-changing world, data is a lawyer’s greatest asset. Investing in digital provides a proven return on investment for legal practices, by driving efficiencies, improving client engagement and reducing the risk of data loss. We are different to other records management providers. We work as both a primary and secondary records management provider to the legal sector. As a primary provider our capabilities and infrastructure mean that we can cover all requirements; from logistics to legal document storage, and from scanning to destruction. We also operate as a secondary provider to supplement your primary national provider.  We offer added value document management services, such as data audits, rapid digitisation, case management integration and logistical support on flexible terms to suit the needs of your business.

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Remote Working

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the perfect storm of huge workload, overnight changes to processes, and remote-working fee earners. Our document management solutions help facilitate remote working by ensuring that your information is accessible whenever from wherever and by whoever needs it.

Paper free Automation

Technology is going to transform every element of the legal sector over the next 20 years. Whether client relations, compliance, or internal operations; each area of every practice must have a digital transformation strategy. Chaffinch Document recognises that the move from paper to digital does not happen overnight, and often takes years of planning, investment and training to make significant progress. 

Our solutions, such as digital scanning, secure shredding and document management platforms, offer the pathway to a paper free firm. We operate a relentless focus on return on investment and recognise that our services must not negatively impact your day-to-operations. 

A smart digital strategy can then lead to greater productivity gains, and future initiatives such as e-discovery, artificial intelligence, and digital client onboarding. 

Examples of records management work we do with legal firms:

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Large Legal Firms

A highly acquisitive national firm utilises our logistical support, rapid digitisation, document storage, secure shredding and scan on demand to quickly integrate newly acquired firms. We offer service levels un-rivalled in our industry, whilst ensuring that compliance policies and processes can be implemented quickly to reduce risk. 

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SME Legal Firms

Chaffinch Document scanned large volumes of paper archives to support the private-client department in on-boarding a new landed estate client. We also established an electronic document management platform to work alongside their standard case management software. They could then offer the client access to historic documents alongside their legal services, delivering added value.

Our Services

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Will and deed Management

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Digital Mailroom

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Document Management

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Secure Shredding

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Our digital services are helping transform organisations like yours.