Will and Deed Management

stores and manages hundreds of thousands of Wills, Deeds and Legal Power of Attorneys for service providers seeking to grow and scale their services.

Many wills, probate and conveyancing service providers use our will storage facility to securely and cost-effectively manage their will and deed banks. With bulk storage, fire-proof facilities, scanning and data-extraction, we offer 21st-century solutions to meet the historic challenges of secure long term storage.




We store over 350,000 wills and deeds for providers all over the UK. Our industry knowledge and experience in safely storing and handling these documents make us the partner of choice to outsource your document bank.



Our specialist document management services support providers in scaling lucrative wills and probate operations. We provide PO boxes, barcoding, digitisation, data capture and integration with document management systems to quickly and securely scale your operations.


Low Capital Expenditure

Traditional practices used to build strong rooms in on site. Modern workplaces and flexible working have made capital investment in on-site strong rooms unattractive. We offer a viable alternative with no upfront capital investment required.


Data Protection Compliance

On-site will and deed storage is rarely compliant with modern data protection requirements. Insurance and business continuity requirements often will not cover documents stored on the same site as main operations.



Geographically-dispersed clients and growth opportunities often require providers to offer nationwide services. Our centralised storage location retains the control and flexibility to offer the same service to all clients regardless of location.


Client Retention

Successful firms seek long-term client retention. Will and deed storage lead to probate and conveyancing opportunities, meaning that our added-value service is often cost-positive as it converts to future work.

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Will and deed management

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