Data Audits

We provide professional data audit services and data inventory services to support your data security and retention policies. Whether developing and implementing destruction policies, insolvency services or supporting acquisitions; understanding the data you hold is a complex and challenging process



Nationwide Coverage

We can secure, collect and transport books and records from anywhere in the UK. We recognise the importance of speed and reliability, at short notice, when handling confidential information.


Knowledge & Experience

Organisations inherit long term problems created by inexperienced or temporary staff, where mistakes may take years to come to light. Our dedicated team has the knowledge and experience to handle, index and process data, whether physical or digital records.


One Supplier

Dealing with historic data usually involves large volumes of destruction. We offer shredding and scanning services in-house, meaning that we can provide the full-service to meet the needs of your project.


Inspection Facilities

Our data centre in Stoke-on-Trent offers the facilities to view and inspect your records at our premises. We can arrange for your records to be made available for viewing by appointment, without the need to use your own workspace.


Speed & Accuracy

An accurate electronic index and catalogue of your records is created by our specialist team. Speed is vital to ensure that your team has access to critical data, allowing retrievals of records from when you need them.


Advanced Billing

We can tailor billing options to suit the needs of the case. From ongoing storage, pay-as-you-go or full upfront payments, we can streamline the invoicing process to suit you.

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Data audits

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