Rapid Digitisation

digitise time-critical information quickly and with a high degree of accuracy.

We offer a rapid scanning service to digitise time-critical documents for low volume scanning requirements. Physical documents are collected swiftly, to be on-boarded and shared at a team or departmental level to ensure access to the critical data. We help your firm deliver client service improvements in litigation, M&A, insolvency and other areas where time is of the essence.




Dispersed workforces require smarter solutions to facilitate collaboration when in different locations. We act as a centralised point to allow real-time access to key documents. Rapid scanning elevates access to critical data.


Competitive Advantage

Improving client service offerings can make the difference when attracting new clients. Rapid scanning service quickly on-boards key information to ensure that fee-earners can respond quickly and appropriately in urgent situations.


Cost Neutrality

As an added value service, usually done at a case level, rapid scanning costs are often recoverable as disbursements. The client receives faster service from better informed teams which allows historical data to be leveraged to its full potential.



By quickly scanning physical records into searchable pdf documents, you can significantly reduce the time your colleagues take to find information. Our cloud-hosted rapid scanning services offer smarter document searches to quickly locate key information.


Key Supplier

Unlike much of the records management industry, Chaffinch works alongside your existing document management provider on projects which require faster response times. You do not need to engage in a wholesale relocation of your archives to utilise our rapid scanning service.



Rapid digitisation helps implement new digital workflows based upon your business need. As an added-value service, you can target quick scanning at those cases and clients where service levels are paramount, which avoids the risk of digitising data you don’t need.

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Rapid digitisation

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