Scanning and digitisation services for Public Sector Organisations.

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Ensure compliance for complex multi-departmental public sector organisations which handle data governed by different Data Protection regulation.


A secure, centralised data management and records management provision forms a key part of any public sector organisations business continuity policy.


Our agile shredding and document management solutions ensure that we deliver a service which brings tangible benefits whilst reducing cost.


We set KPIs to deliver customer service excellence, and commit to Service Level Agreements which deliver on your customer needs.

Our Difference

Public sector organisations and local authorities generate large volumes of data from their activities. These documents may relate to areas as diverse as debt management, social care and adoption records. Each type of information is governed differently by Data Protection regulation, with different retention periods covering files.

Chaffinch Document works with local authorities to streamline their records management processes, and ensure that retention and destruction schedules are maintained. Our integrated solutions assist organisations with their digital transformation strategy.

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Scanning for Local Councils

Chaffinch Document scan vast amounts of document for local authorities and councils. Whether we work on archive scanning across the whole organisation, or within specific departments, our scanning services deliver efficiency improvements, reduce risk and deliver value for money.

Our ISO27001 accredited services make us the partner of choice for local councils seeking to implement more modern process, support remote and flexible working, or extract data from historic formats.

Scan on Demand for the Public Sector Organisations

With pressure on public sector budgets, return on investment is a vital indicator when choosing where to allocate spend. Our seamless scan on demand service combines the cost efficiency of off-site document storage, with digital delivery methods by scanning documents according to need.

Document scanning takes place when a file is requested from storage. Rather than select the file and re-deliver it in physical format, the file is scanned and securely transferred as a searchable PDF.

The flexible service offers turnaround times from 5 working days, right up to urgent 4-hour digitisation. Local Authorities can reduce existing and ongoing spend by destroying the physical file where possible.

Shredding for Local Authorities

Local councils are increasing taking a consolidated approach to secure destruction. Confidential waste is generated on a daily basis through normal operations, and needs to be shredded securely to comply with Data Protection regulation.

Our off-site secure shredding service is accredited to BS EN15713, and provides a signed Certificate of Destruction for all shredding collected from any public sector organisation. We provide regularly scheduled collections from lockable consoles, or one-off bulk shredding of archives on a periodic basis.

Chaffinch Document is also experienced in delivering shredding services to facilitate the relocation of Council departments or headquarters. We work with your removal contractor to co-ordinate collections and ensure timely clearance. Simultaneously, we also install new consoles and shredding bins in the new offices to provide your staff with a seamless transition to their new workplace.

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