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Our Document Storage Services

We build digital-led records management and secure document storage solutions to reduce risk, save money and improve productivity. Our off-site secure document storage and cloud document management service helps to facilitate remote working by ensuring all key staff have access to business critical data.

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Features and benefits

Save Office Space

Whether you are a single-office, multi-site or national operator, efficient and flexible use of office space is essential. Off-site document storage centralises physical files, which improves access to critical data and reduces the risk of data loss.

Digital First

Our document storage solutions prioritise a digital first approach. By managing your data with our cloud portal and utilising scan-on-demand services we provide the foundations to bridge the gap between your physical and digital data.

Peace of Mind

Security of your data underpins every service we provide. We offer full traceability of your documents with our end-to-end approach. From creation to destruction we minimise the risk of data theft, environmental damage and fire hazards at every step.

Reduce Costs

Countless staff hours are lost managing information in almost every business. Alongside the costs of data loss, this can create substantial hidden costs. Our records management services provide a tangible structure to measure and control the cost of data management.


We specialise in high-growth and rapidly-changing organisations. We support your data transformation initiatives with flexible off-site space. Whether your volumes are likely to increase or decrease, our USP is the flexibility our structure provides to adapt accordingly.

Unique Approach

Our investment-led approach provides transparent and achievable returns on investment. We develop services which fit around the needs of the business, and its key stakeholders. From outsourced projects, to 3rd-party management of your internal facilities, we can scale according to your needs.

Our Accreditations

Chaffinch Document is accredited to the highest standards as a secure document shredding and document storage provider in the UK. Our services provide our clients with cost-effective compliance and the peace of mind that they are working with a trusted, expert and responsible partner.

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Frequently asked Questions

Modern and remote working practices rarely suit a one-size-fits-all approach to document storage. Our combination of digital-led solutions, such as scan-on-demand, and secure archive storage facilities help us tailor services to suit your requirements. Our FAQs help navigate some of the things to consider when looking into secure document storage services.

Moving to Chaffinch

Very often Chaffinch will cover the costs of transferring your archive boxes to our facilities from an incumbent supplier. Our facilities are based in the Midlands, with excellent access to all major road networks.

We build our mobilisation plans to ensure that your staff are able to access the files they need, whether they are with Chaffinch, in transit or still with your incumbent supplier. We can organise the retrieval of your box and files to ensure your business continues as normal during the move.

We have document storage facilities in Stoke-on-Trent and Walsall, which ensure quick access to deliver files across the UK.

Yes. Chaffinch will liaise with your existing storage provider to ensure that your archives are successfully transferred with a minimum of input from you. Our team is experienced in handling large relocations of data and will be on hand throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition to our data storage facility.


No. Our systems and processes are designed to seamlessly integrate with your current filing systems. Of course, if it helps, we can advise, consult and improve where necessary, however our approach is that we simply build on what works for your business. We can provide flexible retrieval options, such as reducing manual handling by delivering and returning files from within boxes, or maintaining simplicity by delivering the entire box.

You can retrieve your files either using our scheduled, standard or urgent retrieval service by ordering via our online portal or by sending your request Customer Service Team.

We have a number of service options to get your information returned to you urgently. Whether you need the physical file or a digital scanned copy, we can action your request as quickly as possible to ensure that your data remains accessible at all times. If you need an urgent service then please contact our Customer Service team who will action your request.

We have dedicated secure space where our customers can attend site, conduct data audits and review their files. Our Customer Support team will arrange site visits to our Stoke-on-Trent storage depot, and make arrangements to pick files for you to inspect.


We operate in-house shredding facilities and can arrange to securely destroy files and boxes in storage as required. If you would like to arrange for the confidential destruction of data stored with us, then please contact our Customer Support team.

Yes. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction for your audit purposes for all items in storage we destroy. If you need to dispose of files in storage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the work is conducted securely, by our dedicated shredding operation.

We shred, bale and recycle all the paper we shred. This is then supplied back into the tissue manufacturing industry to be turned into paper products.


We operate bespoke pricing solutions for our clients, enabling you to reduce costs in non-core areas. We charge per archive box, stored in our intricately designed secure storage facilities to make the most efficient use of space. You are not limited by ceiling heights like self-storage, or smaller businesses can also benefit from our dedicated SME solutions, designed to ensure compliance and implementing disaster recovery good practice, whilst reducing costs. We tailor each price structure to your business’s needs. Get in touch and see how we can help you.

Off-site storage usually works out a great deal less expensive than storing your files on your premises. Once space utilization and loss of staff time managing information is calculated, not only does off-site document storage provide greater compliance, it also saves money and increases productivity.

Security and Compliance

Security of your information is our number one priority. The risks of data security breaches in businesses are well publicised and growing. Our facilities are compliant with all professional indemnity policies, allowing you to protect your business and comply with your duty of care. Our facilities have state-of-the-art CCTV, intruder and fire detection, which is monitored 24 hours a day. Our staff are all DBS-checked and drive GPS-tracked vehicles. Our business is built to provide peace of mind.

Yes. Chaffinch Document is audited and operates to industry standards. We maintain ISO9001 and ISO27001 certification. For more information, please visit our accreditations page.