Our specialist archive transport service data logistics services suit complex challenges. Our experience in M&A ensures we understand that there are often requirements to move large volumes of physical documents efficiently and securely to support data management projects. We have completed many document storage relocation projects over many years. 




Challenging projects require reliable partners, and our experience in handling nationwide archive relocations provide you with the peace of mind that your records are in safe hands.


Data Protection Compliance

The movement of physical files is more specialist that haulage, in greater volumes and with more attention to detail than a courier service. We ensure that your transport is handled in a secure manner to ensure compliance with GDPR.


Digital Solutions

We utilise leading document management software to provide accurate and verifiable indexing services, to ensure that you know what has been moved and when. This maintains continuity of access for fee earners, ensuring that your clients see no change in service levels.


Inspection Facilities

Not only can we transfer your records between your own sites, we can also support your project with centralised inspection facilities if you lack the space at your workplace to process large volumes of data.


Cost Effective

Temporary staffing, hired vehicles and short term planning often result in substantial budget overspends. We work with clients from the conception of the project to build realistic budgets and timescales to ensure successful conclusions.



Our services are accredited to ISO9001 and ISO27001 quality standards, providing reassurance that our robust processes can handle your requirements.

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