We securely digitise and manage data for Charities.

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Comply with Data Protection & HMRC Gift Aid regulations with cloud-hosted document management.


Facilitates digitisation without alienating key donor demographics who may still rely on paper forms.


OCR technology reduces human intervention, captures data faster and more accurately to increase efficiency.

Cost Effective

Save money, reduce risk and generate a rapid return on investment to modernise processes.

Our Difference

Chaffinch Document offers specific services to the charity sector, such as Gift Aid scanning, cloud document management, data capture and data verification services. We have over 20 years experience in offering leading-edge data management services to customers seeking to reduce risk, increase funding and become more efficient.

Smart Solutions. Intelligent Design.

Our in-house design team can develop Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) friendly forms which automates the process of capturing handwritten data using our unique software. Allied with our digital mailroom services, we offer a full-scale approach to data processing. Whether it is a one-off scanning project, or a long-term data capture and processing partnership, we offer the scale to tailor a document management service which meets the needs of charities.

Navigating digitisation for charities

Charities often face complex data management challenges, which may present barriers to effective digitisation. How do you embrace digitisation, with efficiency and security benefits it can bring, without excluding key donor demographics who still rely on paper documents?

Both donors and those who charities seek to help often lack access to technology and digital platforms. In order the maximize support, it would be difficult to justify a digital document management strategy which left those who rely on paper documents at a disadvantage. Our services help blend the need to retain legacy paper processes, with the target of a paperless operation.

Document design which accommodates both handwritten and digital completions ensures that our customers capture all demographics, whilst maximizing the potential of digitisation.

Scanning for charity sector organisations

Our digital-first document storage solutions also offer to reduce the costs of digitisation, when compared to wholesale scanning. By utilizing services such as scan on demand to only digitize documents which you need access to. Our archive storage facilities then allow for storage of historic physical documents at a low cost. These are then securely destroyed once they have passed their retention period.

When used effectively, data has vast potential to offer solutions to many of the problems which organisations in the charity sector exist to overcome. Many well-established charities operate nationally, and globally, and have done for decades. By leveraging the power of the information acquired over years of operations, digital transformation allows new analysis to take place which could allow solutions such as data e-discovery to uncover new information.

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