digitises files and documents when you
need them.

Scan on demand is a vital part of our digital transformation service. Documents are digitised by need rather than blanket policy. Instead of moving the physical file, with the additional risk this entails, we scan your documents and deliver them electronically.




Physical documents are converted to searchable PDFs which are accessible by remote-working teams. We host the resulting documents on our cutting-edge cloud document management system.


Return on Investment

Wholesale digitisation of old documents is expensive. By switching to need-based scanning on demand, every pound which would have been spent moving physical paper is instead invested in digital transformation.


Reduce Storage Costs

Once scanned and hosted, documents can either continue to be stored, or destroyed. Destruction frees up space and reduces long term storage costs.


Increased Productivity

Greater accessibility of data reduces the time spent administering and reading documents. A searchable PDF opens up possibilities for e-discovery, categorisation and automation to maximise the time your staff spend on productive activity.



Investment in digitisation has never been greater. Many organisations are investing in data management systems, and we can integrate your scanned documents helping maximise the return on your investment.


Reduce Risk

Handling original paper files can be risky, particularly with remote-working. By digitising files for electronic delivery, the original can remain securely in storage which reduces the risk of document loss.

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