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Data Management for the Financial Services Sector.



Whether in digital or paper form, your documents are available at any time, from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button or a call to our team.

Save Cost

We proactively manage your information. Our portal allows you to track and be reminded of retention schedules, and securely shred documents on time.

Cloud Hosted

We can scan your document storage archive to the cloud to form a key pillar of your disaster recovery plan while securely hosting your data in the cloud.


Digital files can aid compliance with GDPR, by making it easier to know and manage your data. Our digital-first approach is transparent with a full audit trail.

A paper-light world

Chaffinch Document supports financial services sector organisations reduce their reliance on paper records through smart, digital-first document and records management solutions.

We seek to better manage your data to maximise its value to your business. We can digitise, extract, index, store, shred and relocate your business-critical documents.

Here are the types of financial services sector businesses we work with:


Financial Advisors

Building Societies


Wealth Management Advisors

Credit Unions

The world of financial services has changed immeasurably over the past decade, yet the next decade is likely to bring even more change. Challenges such as digitisation, market disruption, lack of qualified staff, and changing workplace habits require a strategy to handle the transition into a digital world.


In addition to our confidential destruction and scanning services, we work with clients to create automated workflows to improve productivity and reduce reliance on paper.

Our approach to new digital document management processes and technology begins with a relentless focus on return on investment. A digital transformation strategy must be sympathetic to the needs of your workforce, as without their buy-in even the best initiatives are likely to fail.

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Reality Check

Even the largest and best-funded organisations find that paper does not simply disappear. Chaffinch Document’s document management and scanning solutions must complement your existing paper archives if they are to be effective.

That’s why we work with large and small financial services sector organisations to manage their data better. Our document storage services facilitate remote working policies and more efficient use of your office space. Our secure shredding services ensure regular and certified collection and destruction of your day-to-day confidential waste.

So whilst we may expect paper to reduce, it is likely to take many years to achieve a truly paper-free workplace. Chaffinch Document is a trusted partner to store your documents, transform and scan your archive to digital files or support your confidential destruction needs.

Size Doesn't Matter

Whether you are a Big 4 firm or an independent high-street operator, the rules are the same when it comes to data protection. Unlike our national incumbents, we believe that compliant and cost-effective data management solutions should be accessible to any business.

Our rapid onboarding process and dedicated customer service team onboard clients quickly and effectively. We can set up solutions for your document management needs within days with industry-leading professionalism and cutting-edge knowledge.

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