Content Capture and ICR

We provide intelligent data capture, Intelligent Character Recognition software and smart form design to extract and verify data from your paper-based forms. Our data capture services can capture typed and handwritten data, capturing the information from the respective fields to be imported into your database, CRM or into another electronic format.



Save Money

Automatically extract specific information from your invoices, member forms, letters or any other document type during the scanning process, saving huge amounts of time and money on data entry and manual processing.


Digital Workflow

We can set up PO Boxes to receive forms directly, with our dedicated team digitising incoming paper forms at the point of receipt. This supports your paperless strategy and reduces the data security risk by minimising the paper received in your workplace.


Accuracy & Automation

Automation of data capture and processing greatly reduces the levels of human processing required. Our engine ensures that data is presented for verification, and each form type can be set up to maximise the accuracy of capture and highlight inconsistencies.


Smarter Design

Our in-house design capability can very quickly turnaround form design which prioritises both UX and ICR-friendliness. We design forms for organisations across a range of industries and sectors, which are optimised for data capture solutions and achieve high levels of customer engagement.



Many organisations we work with need to digitise sympathetically without excluding less digital-savvy demographics. By offering a handwritten option combined with intelligent data capture solutions, you maximise the return rate and ensure you include all customer demographics.


Data Security

Content capture with data integrated directly into your databases, having been processed by our dedicated team, eliminates the data protection risks associated with manual processing in-house. Our document management platforms can host your data securely in the cloud.

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