Digital Mailroom Solutions

Remote working arrangements accelerate the need to modernise processes. We provide your employees access to daily incoming mail, wherever they work from with intelligent digital mailroom solutions. Digitised mail is distributed to the correct recipient after being categorised, scanned and indexed. Our outsourced digital mailroom services offer huge productivity improvements with little upfront capital investment. 



Reduce Cost

Save money by reducing the staff time spent handling and distributing mail. Single incoming mail items can be digitised and delivered to multiple recipients quickly and efficiently. Junk mail can excluded from being scanned to save unnecessary costs.



Incoming paper mail is eliminated at source. We categorise, scan, index and upload your mail in digital format so your staff never have to handle the paper copy. We deliver digital mailroom benefits to large and SME businesses.



Mail can quickly be digitised and uploaded into your existing business management systems. This vastly reduces the need for your staff to file hardcopy originals as they can be uploaded as digital pdfs directly into your systems.


Remote Working

Remote workers still often receive incoming mail into your offices. Our outsourced digital mailroom services eliminate the need for unnecessary trips simply to retrieve mail, and ensures faster response times for remote working staff.



Your mail is diverted to our secure facilities via a simple divert or PO Box. The risk of data loss is reduced, and your mail is securely uploaded and only accessible to the appropriate member of staff, with an audit trail to track when documents have been accessed.



We set up custom business rules for different types of mail. Mail can be categorised and indexed according to set characteristics for speed of retrieval and response. No more time spent searching mail for bits of information, when you can run smarter digital searches.

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