Digital MEdical records management for the healthcare sector



Ensure that records are available at anytime, from anywhere, by the people that need them. We deliver flexible, secure hosting solutions to meet clinical need.


From document origination to secure destruction, our ISO27001-accredited solutions are built with security at their core, delivering complete peace of mind.


Digital transformation within the NHS and the wider healthcare sector will deliver better clinical outcomes whilst relieving the burden on NHS staff.


We set KPIs to deliver customer service excellence to healthcare providers, and deliver on agreed medical records management for healthcare SLAs.

The Vision

The UK government, NHS and wider healthcare sector is on a mission to deliver on its vision of a digital healthcare service which meets to needs of modern society. Chaffinch Document provides solutions for healthcare providers seeking to deliver immediate benefits by digitizing patient records and other healthcare data.

A truly integrated digital healthcare service will relieve the burden on critical parts of the service, such as GPs, emergency services and social care. A vision of patient care records being able to travel digitally across various services and contact points is achievable with the correct investment and strategy.

Healthcare sector medical records management service chaffinch document

A Trusted Partner

Chaffinch Document works with healthcare providers such as GP practices, hospices, consultants, private clinics and dental practices to deliver cost-effective and flexible solutions. We off long-term, regular support to clients across all our services; whether regular confidential waste collections, or bulk scanning of patient records.


Size does not need to be a barrier to innovation when it comes to medical records management and digital transformation. Whether you are a large NHS Trust, or a local GP practice; we have solutions which deliver innovative and integrated document management solutions.

Our specialist healthcare scanning services deliver digitisation results which offer improved patient records access. Our quality control process offers the security and peace of mind that comes from working with a dynamic, experienced document management company.

Scan and Shred

Budget constraints can often make bulk scanning unachievable. Our services are designed as digital-first, but with a key focus on providing a return on investment. We deliver in-house shredding, storage and scanning solutions; making us ideally placed to provide flexible, bespoke services to truly meet the needs of our healthcare clients.

Files are scanned by our team based in the West Midlands, after which you can then choose whether to retain or destroy the original. Our shredding facility covers the UK, providing regular shredding collections in addition to one-off destruction projects. If you decide to destroy your paper files, our ISO9001-accredited confidential destruction service will shred your data beyond all recognition. The resulting paper is then sent to be recycled back into tissue products.  

Once your healthcare records are destroyed, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction signed by Chaffinch Document’s Managing Director.

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