Accounts Payable Automation

Our cloud accounts payable automation and OCR invoice capture solutions help rapidly changing organisations to handle complex supplier-bases efficiently using data extraction and validation.



Reduce Costs

Handling costs per invoice are dramatically reduced to relieve pressure on your accounts teams. Our invoice capture solutions locate, capture and extract data and can be integrated into your systems quickly and efficiently.


Faster Approvals

Invoices and costs requiring multi-level approvals can be facilitated quickly to reduce the pressure on your staff and ensure fast and efficient billing and payment cycles. No more burdening of your staff with accounts scanning.


Analytics & Data

Large organisations with complex costs and expenses are vulnerable to duplication and inefficiency. Our accounts payable automation offers simple and effective audit trails for your invoices.


Relieve Recruitment Pressure

Recruiting accounts staff of every level and experience is a competitive and expensive undertaking. By increasing the levels of digital automation in your workflows, you can increase the productivity of your existing teams.


Reduce Payment Cycles

Protect your brand and reputation by ensuring that suppliers are paid on time and in full. Increasing efficiencies in the workforce protects organisations against the emotive and sometimes public challenges of late payments.


No Capital Outlay

Our monthly SAAS solutions ensure that you do not need expensive upgrades to infrastructure and servers to on-board our invoice automation solution. Invoices can be processed securely using phones, laptops and tablets from anywhere with a web connection.

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