Bulk Document Scanning

Bulk document scanning converts paper documents and document storage archives to digital files. We deliver large volume scanning services to customers across a wide range of sectors. Our document and archive scanning services process your documents into a searchable pdf files which are indexed and hosted to support flexible and remote working practices.




We have scanned over 100m documents for customers in almost every industry. Whether the scanning complex engineering drawings, or a large volume scanning service of legal files, we have the infrastructure and experience to deliver your project successfully.



Our robust quality control procedures offer the security and peace of mind that your documents have been converted by professionals. Every file we scan scanned to PDFA standards, to ensure longevity, accuracy and admissibility for all documents.



We use the latest technology and software platforms in our bulk document scanning service. We can provide cloud-hosted document management systems, integrate or transfer your files securely into most modern document management solutions.


Save Time

Your staff often spend hundreds of hours a year searching for mis-filed documents. Large archive scanning projects require an integrated digital document management solution and drastically reduces the risk of data loss, ensuring your staff are focused on productive activities.



We can scan files from small receipts to large format drawings; lever arch files to microfilm. Our investment in equipment and training ensures that we are well-placed to digitise documents of any size and shape.


Billing & Budgeting

Digital transformation is costly, meaning project must be planned meticulously to achieve good returns on investment. Our integrated storage facilities mean that we can offer the flexibility of bulk scanning to budgets, monthly maximum volumes and smart retention policies providing you with control on the project costs.

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