Live File Scanning

Maximise the return on your investment by storing the bulk of your files and scanning your most active live files to pdf documents. Our specialist team works with you to develop project parameters to ensure that your most active documents and client files are scanned first.



Scan to Order

By scanning your most active files when they are required, you ensure that your investment in digital transformation is utilised where it will have the greatest impact.


Smart Retention Policies

We take an agile approach to document scanning services. We take into account the remaining retention period of a file to ensure that scanning those files which have a positive return on investment. Files which do not meet the criteria are stored in our archive storage facilities until destruction.


Regular Schedules

We schedule scanning collections according to your requirements to avoid building a backlog of files waiting to be scanned. Back-scanning large volumes of files introduces additional cost, increased data security risk and less efficient workflow processes.



Proactively scanning files rather than waiting for a backlog to build up ensures that data is handled securely in accordance with your data security policies.


Staff Retention

Firms scanning using their own staff to scan documents usually see lower levels of staff retention. Alternatively, projects often fall behind schedule as staff are diverted to other activities. We invest in the latest equipment to provide scanning services more efficiently and to agreed service levels.


Business Continuity

Robust data processes insulate businesses against unexpected events. By hosting documents in the cloud, your workforce can react quickly to changes in circumstances to avoid disruption to your client service levels.

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